About our French courses

Whether you are stuck for words after “Bonjour,” want to discover some typical French films, or tick a few French classics off your “to read” list, we will extend our warmest French welcome and show you around your local French language centre, library, or cultural venue. Each year, hundreds of people are attracted by our Centre and its unique atmosphere, so why not give us a go?

The adult courses offer you a wide range of French courses designed to suit every need and availability

Our general French courses are taught using a communicative and action-oriented approach and our curriculum is structured according to the six-tiered Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), an internationally recognized standard for describing language proficiency, recognised by the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Education.

The CFO follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and its different language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with a recommended number of learning hours.

  • A1 Beginner (100/120h)
  • A2 Elementary (+120/150h)
  • B1 Intermediate (+180/220h)
  • B2 Upper intermediate (+180/220h)
  • C1 Advanced (+200/220h)
  • C2 Mastery (+200/220h)

Speak French from day one! Build a solid foundation in French with our comprehensive methods designed for French as a foreign language students. The full beginner A1 level programme can be achieved within 3 sessions. You choose the pace: twice or 3 times a week!

You are only available once a week? You want to add an extra class? Check our language workshops!

The adults curriculum consists of different consecutive modules for all levels: Totem 1, 2, 3, Alter Ego +4.

Complete beginners (adults who have never learnt French before) can enrol directly in Totem 1.1.

Adults who are new to the CFO but have previous exposure to the French language will be placed in the right level by one of our French teachers after taking a quick placement test.

For any further details, please contact us through this form, by e-mail at or by phone at 24 69 75 79.

After filling our preregistration online, you are welcome to come to our reception with a copy of your ID and the total amount of the course (only cash accepted).

When registering for the first time, 15 OMR will apply (non-refundable). Please, note that tuition fees do not include the price of the books.


To develop your skills, you might also want to add a workshop to your general course. The following workshops are generally offered during our sessions. Try them!

Talisman Brisé - A1.3 & A2.1 levels – 12 hours

Come follow a police plot! And learn French with Kwame to save Professor Omar!

Each lesson, you will:

-listen to a new episode of the story

-talk about that in French

-revise a French grammar point

-do some exercises

-practice with fun activities!

Then… Come to save Professor Omar thanks to French!!!

Phonetics & pronunciation - A1 level in progress - 12 hours

Through oral exercises, you will improve your listening and speaking skills and get more familiar with the sound of French. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes, why you do not write as you speak and prevent people from misunderstanding you when talking in French.

Vous souhaitez améliorer votre prononciation et parler comme un Français ? Essayez cet atelier !

Oral and written grammar - A2 - 12 hours

Write smoothly and gain confidence in French grammar! Solidify your knowledge of grammar skills in everyday life. In these workshops you will practice and deepen your knowledge of grammar in context, reinforcing key concepts and structures through real-world tasks and interactions. This workshop is designed to match the needs of the students in class and are the ideal complement to a general French language class.

A2: place of adjectives, the use of articles, tenses, pronouns, etc

Focus on speaking - A2 - 12 hours

For those who wish to develop their listening and conversational skills and strategies. Equip yourself with more vocabulary through role plays, talks and presentations. You have a hobby, a passion, a little something that means a lot to you? Talk about them in French as you will be the one to choose the theme of the class! This workshop will give you opportunities to practice and develop what you already know in authentic situational exercises and will introduce you to the structure and use of the French language in everyday life.

La France, sa culture et ses régions B1 & B2 levels - 12 hours

Discover one of the French regions through interesting and unique facts. This is a perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge about specificities that make France so diverse! Through historical changes, cultural habits or culinary specialties, come and broaden your vision about France.

Atelier Francophiles B2 level achieved - 12 hours

Come discuss any society topic complemented with a cultural and francophone perspectives! This workshop is perfect for all those who spent time in a French environment and who are happy to know more about a country through its cultural and artistic life, its famous characters or its “patrimoine”!