The DELF and DALF are diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates.

DELF/DALF diplomas are required for the entry in the Higher Education in France (B2 level) and for application for French citizenship (B1 level).

There are six independent diplomas, which correspond, respectively, to the six levels of the Council of Europe’ s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

The 6 diplomas that make up DELF and DALF are completely independent. This means that candidates can register for the examination of their choice, according to their level.

At each level, 4 skills are evaluated: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The examinations were therefore created to include the four skills at every level, with varying degrees of interaction and mediation required depending on the level. A mark of at least 50/100 is required in order to be awarded the diploma.

Usually, you will receive a certificate one month after the exam, then you will have to wait three months for the diploma.

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Fees and registration procedure

A1.1 A1 A2 B1 B2 DALF C1 DALF C2

Children (7 to 11 years old)

35 OMR 35 OMR 35 OMR

Adolescents (12 to 17 years old)

40 OMR 40 OMR 45 OMR 45 OMR

– CFO students

– Others



30 OMR

40 OMR


30 OMR

40 OMR


40 OMR

50 OMR


40 OMR

50 OMR


50 OMR

60 OMR


50 OMR

60 OMR


To register, please come to the Centre Franco-Omanais reception in Mascate with your passport or your ID. You will have to fill and sign the registration form (you can also download it below) and pay the fees. Only cash is accepted.

One week before the exam, you will receive by email an examination notification which specify the details about the exams schedules.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Which diploma should I take?

The DELF and DALF diplomas are independent, so you can take the examination of your choice. You can also sit the examinations for a number of diplomas during the same examination session.

  • Do I have to be a student at a French language centre to take the DELF or DALF?

Anybody who wants their French skills to be recognised can take the DELF or DALF, and there are no prior conditions.

  • Can I take an examination more than once?

Candidates can take examinations as many times as necessary, until they pass. However, they cannot take the examinations for a diploma that they already hold, unless they revoke the existing diploma in writing before the examination session. If a candidate does not pass the diploma on the second attempt, the first diploma will remain invalid.

  • Are DELF and DALF valid everywhere?

Yes. DELF and DALF receive the recognition enjoyed by all official qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

  • Are DELF and DALF valid for life?


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9 sites to prepare for the exam

  • Preparation to the different skills for each DELF/DALF level

  • « Fondation Esprit francophonie » : informations about DELF and DALF, some sample papers as well.

  • Writing and oral production examples : videos of candidates during their exam (from A1 to B2)

  • Oral production : B2 examples

  • « Passe ton DELF B2 » : activities to get prepared for  comprehension.

  • DELF B2 themes : how to develop the vocabulary about different subjects for B2 level.

  • « Passe ton DALF » : activities to get prepared for comprehension.

  • DALF C1 : Advices to pass the exam.

  • Oral production examples : videos of candidates during their exam (DALF C2)


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